Welcome  to  our  lab !

      Our research interests mainly  focus on the low dimensional  electronic systems  and artifical nanostructures such as Fe-based superconductor, Bismuth  nanowires and  nanoribbons   as well as Topological insulator, skyrmions. Nanodevices built up by these nanostructures have endless interests. By different micro/nano processing technology, we can design and  fabricate different  nanodevices, those devices are the best   platforms for  us to  study their physical  properties and  search for their potential application prospect.


    >8/07,2015   Haifeng Du's new paper was published in Nature Communications´╝îcongratulations ! details>>

    >10/02,2015   Professor Tian's new paper was published in Nano letters´╝îcongratulations ! details>>

    >16/01,2015  Wei Ning's new paper was published in Nano letters. details>>

    >25/03,2014  Haifeng Du' new paper on Nano letters: details>>

    >10/01,2014  Our home page is available now ! !